Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Craiglee Vineyards Pinot Noir tasting

When your neighbour makes Pinot and you have no idea.

5 June 2016

Shell was sick of wine tasting.

We started the day planning to give this a miss.

After quite an argument in the car on the way to Castlemaine we turned around for home.

She must have felt guilty. Soon after she demanded to be taken to Craiglee. If I did not take her should would go on her own.

Its the small victories that count.....

The Craiglee open days are always good fun. Pat is a no nonsense character and I always enjoy his conversation.

I had no idea Craiglee ever made a Pinot.

First planted in the late 1970's by the Victorian Department of Agriculture.

Unfortunately they were the Davidson clone from the USA. A high yielding variety mainly used for sparkling wines.

Pat pulled the vines out in 2009 and planted Shiraz.

Its clear to see why. There is a lot of vintage variation. When on song it is a great wine. When it misses it does so badly.

The 1989 was drinking remarkably well as was the 2005.

I grabbed a few bottles of the '89 to take to the next MBSC dinner.

History in a bottle. Craiglee Pinot Noir vertical.

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