Saturday, 20 February 2016

2011 Domaine Jean Chauvenet Vosne-Romanee

When Rachelle picks the wine it will be sublime.

20 February 2016

This wine was recommended by Asaf from Grand Millesime.

Grand Millesime is an outstanding proprietor of Burgundy.

A little on the Domaine:

"Domaine Jean Chauvenet is a perfect example of the Burgundian family-run holding; restricted area (10 hectares); numerous appellations (9 in this case); and a single grape variety (pinot noir). Together these make for red wines of incomparable texture, delicate and silky.

The domaine is run by Christophe Drag and his wife Christine who work to a single golden rule; respect for the expression of each terroir to yield a range of different wines. Since 1994 the domaine has turned to low-input cultivation which aims to minimise the use of chemical treatments, and is working towards certification.

Christophe’s wines differ in temperament according to whether they come from the north or south of the Nuits-St-Georges commune. The northern end, abutting Vosne-Romanee, produces delicate and feminine wines that could easily be confused with their neighbour across the border.

The wines from the south, such as Les Vaucrains, growing on rocky clays are more structured, denser, and have longer cellaring potential. All have black fruit and complexity. Only about 33% new oak is used on each premier cru and the wines are bottled without filtration or fining."
-Grand Millesime website.

2011 Domaine Jean Chauvenet Vosne-Romanee

Deep purple.

Powerful nose. Ripe strawberries and blackberries. Tobacco and fresh herbs. Slight hints of chocolate. While not as complex as some Burgundies, there is tremendous weight here.

The palate is texture and flavour. Silky smooth with incredible length. Gripping tannins and balanced acidity combine with incredible fruit weight.

One of the best wines I can recall.

I only wish I had more as this would age extremely well.

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