Saturday, 13 February 2016

2003 Seppelt Benno Shiraz

When one bottle just will not do.

6 February 2016.

It seemed appropriate to follow the Forres Blend with another 2003 wine. A different variety, from a completely different climate was irrelevant.

At one point it seemed the Benno was held in the same lofty esteem as the St Peters.

Seppelt don't even produce a Shiraz from Bendigo fruit these days.

2003 Seppelt 'Benno' Bendigo Shiraz

Youthful with plenty of fruit on the nose. Plums, fruitcake and white pepper.

Disappointing palate. Big fruit at the front and faded into nothing.

Short in an understatement.

The fruit, while obvious, seemed subdued.

We sat the wine aside and opened a bottle of 1999 Bests Great Western Cabernet (which was stunning).

Coming back to this wine a few hours later it had completely changed.

The fruit on the nose was still common but the palate had opened up. still short, though only marginally, it was balanced and subtle. Very good drinking.

An odd wine.

Of further note, this was bottled under screw cap and appeared to be over filled.

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