Sunday, 24 January 2016

2001 Lakes Folly Cabernet

A rare find in the most unlikely place.

21 January 2016

After walking through the open gardens at Mount Macedon we stopped at the Post Office for a coffee.

The post office also serves as a cafe, general store and bottle shop.

Lined up in a neat little row was 2001, 2003 and 2004 Lakes Folly Cabernet. All listed at $45 a bottle.

I was sceptical of storage. They were upright in the cafe. How long had the been like this?

As I stood there procrastinating, Shell bought one of each to try.

Background on Lakes Folly can be found here

Time to purchase a decent camera?

2011 Lakes Folly Cabernet

We decanted due to sediment.

Purple fading to red.

It took a little while to open up.

Sour cherries, mushroom, flowers and sweet chocolate on the nose.

Restrained. Well balanced. Great length and well integrated powdery tannins.

Years still ahead of it.

One of the best Lakes Folly I have had.

Back to the Mount Macedon Post Office to see what else they have.

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